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Service Level Agreement


Party 1 Name Filiosoft

Party 2 Name Customer

Jurisdiction United States

1. Uptime

The Services will have an Uptime of 99.9%.

Filiosoft will credit Customer with Service Credits for failure to meet the uptime requirement according to the following scheme.

Percentage of time in a month that is Downtime Service Credit (as a percentage of monthly fees)
1% 2%
2% 4%
3% 6%
4% 10%
5% 15%
6% or more 15%

2. Support and maintenance contact procedure

Requests for support or maintenance must be made:

Filiosoft is not responsible for responding to requests that are not made via the contact details provided above.

3. Support and maintenance response time

A support specialist will use reasonable endeavours to respond to requests for support or maintenance no later than Response Time after receipt of the request.

If Filiosoft fails to respond within Response Time, the time between the end of Response Time and Filiosoft responding will be deemed Downtime.

4. Support and maintenance resolution

Filiosoft will use reasonable endeavours to correct all reproducible errors reported by the Customer within Correction Time.

If Filiosoft fails to correct the error within Correction Time, the time between the end of Correction Time and the correction of the error will be deemed Downtime.

5. Application of SLA

This service level agreement does not apply to any performance issues:

  • caused by factors outside of Filiosoft's reasonable control;
  • that resulted from any actions or inactions of Customer;
  • scheduled Downtime.



means the Agreement under which Filiosoft agrees to provide services to Customer, the service levels of which are set out in this document.

Correction Time

means 30 days.


means the proportion of time during the operation of the Agreement during which the Services are not fully operational and available.

Response Time

means 12 hours.


means the Services provided under the Agreement.


means the proportion of time during the operation of the Agreement which is not Downtime.